Keep Your Home and Business Safe

If you own a home or business, the Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners recommends that you have your electrical system serviced annually to safeguard you from the potential risk of electrical fires and shock. This is why we offer a comprehensive Property Protection Plan that helps you be aware of potential hazards before they happen.

Our Property Protection Plan is an annually scheduled check-up and service program that ensures your electrical system is operating at optimal performance levels. As part of this program, you’ll also benefit from priority service, extended guarantees, exclusive specials and discounts.

What is the value of this program?
Technological advancements offer continual improvements to the electrical industry that will make your home or commercial building safer more efficient. There are also regular updates to electrical codes to reflect that technology. What we find in our business is that many of these advancements are making older wiring methods obsolete. If your home or office building hasn’t been updated in accordance with these latest standards, you could potentially encounter a dangerous electrical problem. Our Property Protection Plan keeps you on stop of all of these challenges.

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